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Monthly VAT Return Services

Why should I Outsource my VAT returns?

Monthly VAT return services


Completing VAT returns, submitting them to HMRC and making payments for any liability can be a complete nightmare for businesses whether large or small. The task is laborious and it is easy to make mistakes, which can end up being costly to a business. It is possible, however, to outsource this task to a professional company. Doing so will not only save you time but as these companies often invest heavily in automating processes, it can also improve accuracy, which can save you money in the long run.

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Can Outsourcing my VAT Returns to Andika Free me up?

Yes, completing VAT returns is a monotonous, boring task, especially if you don't like numbers. If you are a small business you are likely to be completing your books by yourself, in which case wouldn't you rather be focussing on ways to grow your business? If you are a larger business outsourcing will allow you to free up an employee or two to really push your business forward. It's also worth noting that bookkeeping is often one of those tasks that gets left until last minute because people dread doing it, outsourcing removes this procrastination and ensures that your returns are always completed in a timely fashion.


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Will Outsourcing my VAT Returns to Andika Improve Accuracy?

Yes, when you outsource your VAT returns you are investing in a company that fully understands the process and employs experts to ensure everything is completed correctly. VAT returns can be extremely complicated, especially as a business grows and completes more and more transactions, and so it can be easy to make mistakes. Passing on the task to a professional company reduces the risk of sending inaccurate information to HMRC which can end up costing you money.

What VAT return services do Andika Provide?

Services that Andika provide in regards to VAT returns depends on how much you are willing to outsource. If you are willing to allow Andika to maintain your books we can fully complete all VAT returns on your behalf using information from your financial records. If you prefer to keep your accounting in-house, however, at Andika we will be able to check through your workings and complete returns using information provided by you. At all times we will carry out checks on all information before it is sent to HMRC to be sure everything complies with legislation. At Andika we can also submit returns directly to HMRC and organise making payments on your behalf. Using Andika as your provider to carry out the VAT submissions will alos benefit your business, should your business be selected for an inspection, as Andika will work with the HMRC agent on your behalf.

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