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Managed Payroll Services

Managed Payroll Services

Staff Managed Payroll Services & Workplace Pensions (Auto Enrolment)

Payroll is demanding and time-consuming no matter how large or small your workforce. We offer a confidential, swift and accurate service lifting the burden of ensuring that your employees are paid correctly and on time and are professional outsourced payroll providers.

The rules for paying staff are complex whether they are permanent, part time, casual or subcontractors. Our payroll bureau can handle all your paperwork and we are RTI compliant and can act as your agent for submission of RTI and PAYE with HMRC. We will:

  • Process employee salaries weekly, fortnightly or monthly, provide printed, security or emailed pay slips and complete PAYE/National Insurance(P 11) sheets
  • Set up electronic payment systems
  • Calculate and process all employer statutory payments - holiday pay, sick pay (SSP) maternity/paternity pay (SMP/SPP), pension deductions, attachment of earnings reductions, child care vouchers and adoption pay (SAP)
  • Process starters and leavers' (including P45's)
  • Complete and send your annual P35 submission to HMRC and produce P60's for your staff
  • Provide payroll legislation advice and payroll reports
  • Assist any of your employee's with any payroll related query

In this rapidly changing environment we are up-to-date with the latest legislation and developments such as auto-enrolment and we offer professional managed payroll services to companies across the UK.

We provide a professional confidential and individual service regardless of business size

Detailed analysis of your income and expenditure so that we can help guide you

Leverage the power of Sage Accounting, our experts can help you every step of the way

Workplace Pension (Auto-enrolment) is the Government led Personal Pension Scheme where every Employer will eventually be required, by law, to provide a pension scheme for staff. Each member of staff can ‘opt-out’ or ‘opt-in’ as they wish, but the Employer must continually monitor the staff’s requirements. Every Company and Employer will be given a ‘staging’ date by which time all employees must receive written communication informing them of the Pension Scheme on offer and this scheme must also be in place with a Pension Provider by this time. As an employee’s circumstances change (age, earnings, employee decision to opt in or opt out) they must receive written communication informing them of the change and how it affects their status within the pension scheme.

At Andika we have software that will carry out the task of monitoring, calculating and assessing the staff eligibility to the scheme in place. Certainly, payroll services are going to cost more in the future, but the fines that will be imposed by HMRC for non-compliance will be punitive.

Workplace Pension (Auto-enrolment) is undoubtedly the most wide reaching change to every Employer with staff on a payroll since the introduction of RTI – the main difference, however, is that auto-enrolment will have a much greater cost effect on every business.

So don’t be left behind. Get the knowledge you require as an Employer and seek professional help if you need it. Find out more by going to our news links, and click on ‘HMRC Auto Enrolment’

Ask Yourself

  • How long does it take to calculate the employee's wages each week or month?
  • Can I get it right, on time, all of the time?
  • Are the PAYE/NI payments up to date?
  • Do I understand and comply with the RTI systems for payrolls?
  • Have I calculated my PAYE and CIS payments correctly?
  • Am I registered to submit the P35's and P14's online?
  • What's going to happen when I have to deal with Work Place Pension and Auto-Enrolment - do I have to pay costly accountant fees to sort it out?


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