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Debt Recovery

Is your business owed money?

Why you should consider using Andika services.

What does Chasing Debt Mean?

Chasing debt is all about reclaiming any monies that are owed to your business from either your clients or from new business projects. You may have written to these companies or telephoned them with requests for payment to be made, yet received nothing. Believe us, even companies with the most stringent credit control policies and credit checks in place still fall foul of non-payers all the time. If you have exhausted all avenues with a debtor, however, it might be time to use Andika's debt recovery services.

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Worried about debt recovery and chasing debt services.

Why should I employ Andika's Chasing Debt Services to Chase Debts on Behalf of my Company?

  1. One reason to think about hiring Andika's debt recovery services to handle unpaid debts is that it can free up your staff to focus on growing your business.
  2. Chasing non-payers can take up a lot of time and cause a lot of frustration for an employee who might well be untrained in debt collection and might not particularly enjoy the awkward conversations that come up when chasing debt.
  3. Hiring Andika's debt recovery services can help build on staff morale as well as increase the likelihood of you seeing a return on your money as Andika employ staff who are fully trained and can handle those difficult conversations well.
  4. At Andika we have more resources to help find a debtor if they have gone missing. It is common for people to go into hiding when they have a debt that they cannot or simply don't want to pay, at Andika we know and understand this and over the years have developed  extensive tools to help our clients track these people down.
  5.  Once we do manage to find them we also know just how to apply pressure on a debtor to ensure payment is made quickly.


The golden rule when chasing outstanding is not to leave it outstanding for too long, the longer a debt is left unpaid the more difficult it becomes to get full repayment. Most companies operate with a grace period, this is great for customer service, where you are dealing with people who do intend to pay but maybe forgot or are just waiting for funds to be released but we would never recommend operating with an extensive grace period because it gives the debtor with no intention of paying time to stall.


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