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Essential Bookkeeping from £150 per month


P.O.A - based on number of staff. Work Place Pension (Auto Enrolment) also managed.

Management Reporting

P.O.A - fixed fee or hourly charge to suit scope of work required.


Sage Line 50, Sage One (Cloud Service), Xero (Cloud Service)


sage business cloud

sage line 50


Professional Bookkeepers and Accounting Services

We can tailor our services around your business!

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Sales Ledger

We offer an efficient and accurate service for paper or website based transactions. Data can be exported/imported into accounts software.

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Purchase Ledger

We can deal with all your Supplier invoices whether received from you in paper format or in .pdf files by email.

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Bank Accounts

By allowing us to have access to your bank account, we can pay your staff or suppliers on your behalf.

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VAT Returns

VAT will be calculated correctly and your quarterly Returns will be submitted on time and directly to HMRC.

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Debtors Control

We monitor overdue accounts, issue statements to customers and even chase debts on your behalf, if required.

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Creditors Control

We monitor your Creditors Ledger keeping you informed of overdue accounts owed by you to Suppliers.

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We can design invoicing templates. We prepare and issue invoices to your customers and keep regular cash flow into your business.

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CIS (for the Construction Industry)

We calculate CIS deductions for Subcontractors. We assess CIS liability ensuring submissions & returns are on time.

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We offer payroll administration within our monthly services, simply submit your staffs' hours and we will take care of the rest.

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Auto Enrolment

We offer an auto-enrolement solution for businesses that is fast, affordable, reliable and uncomplicated.

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Management Reporting

We can design and issue bespoke Management Reports specifically for you and to your needs that will help grow your business.

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Job Costing

We set up your Accounts. Bespoke reports are produced to help you see profits/losses relating to specific areas of the Business.

Ask yourself these questions:

As the proprietor, partner or director of a business ask yourself these questions concerning the bookkeeping, accounts and paperwork involved in keeping your business 'on track'.


  1. Could my time be better spent running the business than dealing with paperwork and the bookkeeping?
  2. How much am I paying my accountant to process my paperwork?
  3. Do I make a profit every month?
  4. Why don't I seem to be making any money?
  5. Am I always racing to complete my VAT return on time?
  6. Can I meet the new HMRC deadlines for completion of my accounts
  7. Do I understand the new RTI system for payrolls?
  8. Have I calculated my PAYE and CIS payments correctly?
  9. What happens when I have to deal with auto-enrolment?


  1. Affordable - we can help reduce costly accountancy bills
  2. More time to focus on growing your business
  3. Initial free consultation
  4. Peace of mind that professionals are helping to manage your finances
  5. No missed HMRC deadlines or fines
  6. Respond quickly to opportunities making business decisions based on reliable financial information
  7. Reduce your own staff overheads by outsourcing to Andika
  8. All your information securely stored with daily back-ups
  9. Our 25 years experience brings you a wealth of advice and knowledge

FREE Initial Consultation

Andika Bookkeepers can provide a solution to all of these, at a cost you might find surprisingly affordable. We start by getting to know you and your business, offering a free initial consultation so that we can work out together exactly what support your business needs

Our Client Base Includes

We can offer our accounting services to any type of business or industry

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Andika bookkeepers specialises in providing Clients with the complete Accounts Department, especially for larger Businesses. We can deal with your Customers and Suppliers, prepare and issue invoices, make supplier payments, prepare your Accounts and issue Management Reports. We can also take care of your Payroll and pay your staff wages and salaries - the complete package. The good news is you only pay for the time we spend working on your Business.



We are always happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

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